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Small Biz, Big Tech

Sales and use taxes are complicated for all businesses, but it’s even tougher on the smaller guys - complex systems, limited tools, and harsh penalties for mistakes. Vertex SMB can help.

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Vertex SMB is for small and medium-sized businesses who have sales tax obligations – but who don’t have all day to worry about taxes. Sound familiar?



Before you can manage anything effectively you have to understand it. Vertex SMB organizes all of the relevant information for sales and use tax and makes it clear and easy to find and consume.



Vertex SMB is the only tool to combine calculations and returns in a single solution, meaning lots of features and lots of horsepower. We designed the app to be easy and intuitive without compromise.


Building Business

It’s not just an app. We also designed and developed tools for industry partners and a dedicated help center, and we’re spearheading interactive marketing efforts to create more value and drive revenue.

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In Their Own Words

"O3 World has been a fantastic partner for us. When we launched our new division and created our solution, the team helped us to strategize, design, and develop the entire user experience. Since then, we have worked closely to test and adapt as customer actions have dictated and as business needs have changed. They are smart, creative, thoughtful, and flexible. We look forward to a continued bright future together!"

Kate Landaiche, Director of Marketing, Vertex SMB

Kate Landaiche

Director of Marketing, Vertex SMB

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