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Financial Tools and Guidance for Life’s Goals for People Just Like You

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Reaching Your Goals

We all have goals - things we want for ourselves and our families. And those goals cost money. But how much? And what do you need to save to get there? Goal Investor® helps you figure it out.

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For All of Us

Goal Investor is for people just like you; just like us. We’re plenty smart, but maybe not experts on finance and investing. Goal Investor provides the guidance and clarity you need to make well-informed decisions.


Where Are You Going?

Goal Investor guides you as you plan for retirement, college savings and emergency funds; then takes stock of your finances and shows you the true likelihood of reaching each goal. Better yet, Goal Investor gives you specific suggestions about how to get closer to those goals.

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Getting Educated

Making decisions about your money is serious business, and Goal Investor uses visual tools, like interactive graphs and gauges to make sure you understand your options and the trade offs.

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of goal


Sometimes seeing the numbers isn’t enough. Goal Investor places relevant learning and insights at your fingertips as you set your goals. From expert commentary and blog posts to videos, statistics and user stories -- you’ll learn what you need to make smart decisions.

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On Your Time

Important financial conversations don’t always happen at your desk. Goal Investor is available where and when you need it, with a fully responsive app and website.


Building the Brand

Because Goal Investor is helping people make decisions about money, the guidance needs to be clear and credible. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. We’ve used colors, illustrations, and iconography to convey confident, approachable expertise.

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Behind The Curtain

Goal Investor uses some of the most sophisticated modern web technologies, with a front-end built on AngularJS and lightning fast calls to a proprietary API driving financial and investment recommendations.

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Always Be Iterating

Like achieving your goals, building Goal Investor is an ongoing process. We conduct user tests, focus groups, experiments and A/B tests, using the results to tweak designs and constantly refine the client experience.


In Their Own Words

“O3 identified personally with what we were trying to do, embraced the challenge, and were positively psyched at the prospect of working together. As our partnership continues, we’re as impressed as ever with the passion and commitment of O3’s ever-expanding team. We NEVER feel as if we’re getting less than 100%. In fact, they’re so invested in the project that it often seems we’re their only client. The icing on the cake is that we really like these folks. Is that chemistry necessary for success? Maybe not, but it sure makes those long hours of working together more fun.”

Marcia Noa, VP SEI Global Services

Marcia Noa

VP, SEI Global Services

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