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Connecting People

CauseEngine is driven to help nonprofits accomplish their mission more successfully by connecting organizations doing good with professionals that can do good work.

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Empowering Everyone

The organization itself, the website, and the tools it provides exponentially impact everyone’s ability to do good. The nonprofits, the professionals, and CauseEngine are all a part of the equation.


A Clean Slate

Nonprofits are mission-oriented and they move fast, but like all of us, they don’t know what they don’t know. CauseEngine is a new way to connect them to passionate professionals ready to get to work.


Needs, Meet Skills

Nonprofits don’t always have the right resources in-house. Talented professionals often want to do something good with their skills, but don’t always know who needs the help. CauseEngine does.


A Better Way

CauseEngine’s custom platform helps professionals find a way to contribute to causes they care about using skills they already have. Nonprofits pay them a respectable rate, and more good gets done.

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Speed to Market

Constant communication, steady iteration and speedy feedback loops with the CauseEngine team and their customers continues to drive business, features and functionality with so much more on the way.



CauseEngine continues to grow, and the app will grow and change with them. By leveraging a best-of-breed framework for development, we allow for quick pivots and reprioritization of development needs.

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In Their Own Words...

"I've been working with O3 for nearly 4 years now on various projects for different organizations. When I conceived of and put together the business plan for CauseEngine, I didn't hesitate to get the team at O3 involved with helping our team bring the minimal viable product (MVP) to market. Why did I choose O3, because of their people. They are incredibly talented and truly sink their teeth into their projects. They feel like an extension of my team at CauseEngine. Gone are the days of digital agencies bringing final products to the client for approval. O3 seamlessly incorporated us into the ideation, planning, and execution of the MVP. We're on schedule and ready to start testing our marketplace for good because of O3."

James Brobyn, Managing Director, CauseEngine

James Brobyn

Managing Director, CauseEngine

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