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Facing the Future

Picking the right law or graduate program can be intimidating, figuring out how to pay for it even more so. Access Group provides tools to help make smarter decisions about borrowing and repaying loans.

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Lifetime Learners

Access Group’s tools help prospective and current students and graduates make decisions, and financial administrators and law school deans provide the best service to the people that depend on them.


First, Understanding

Grad school is a big decision, and you want to understand your options. Access Group has information for each stage of the process, from assessing your current situation to projecting for the future.


Calculating The Cost

How will you pay for school? What kind of life can you expect, both in school and afterwards? What will repayment feel like? Access Group’s interactive calculators and resources help plot the course.

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Is it Worth It?

The answer is different for everyone, but Access Group helps with projecting the future, assisting with the creation of a repayment strategy, and providing guidance to help make the decision.

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Supporting Success

Students often lean on advisors and administrators for guidance on tough decisions, so Access Group also has dedicated content and development resources to help those who makes their living helping others.

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Always Evolving

Access Group is always looking for new ways to help students meet their needs, and we’re always looking to make the experience more effective by continually testing, iterating and implementing updates.


An Expanding Toolset

We designed the Access Group experience with growth in mind, so while it integrates complex interactive tools and a custom site, the experience is flexible, intuitive, and constantly improving.

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