Apr. 07, 2016

Philadelphia community leaders collaborate on

Forge Conference returns September 26, 2016

The second annual Forge Conference was a huge success in 2015. In case you need a refresher on what “huge success” meant to us, as conference organizers, here are a few bullet points:

Needless to say, we were thrilled to see the response to the event and determined to make the conference bigger and better in 2016. To do that, we turned to Philadelphia’s creative community in search of new partners for our one-day digital innovation conference. We assembled an incredibly talented group of people who shared our passion for bringing the industry’s top talent to Philadelphia. Now, we’re proud to share the fruits of our labor.

Tony Nguyen, a top-notch digital art director at Free People and head dreamer at, graciously donated his time and skill to design the new Once the design was in place, our friends at Inverse Paradox took over, generously offering their talents to develop the site. We are so grateful for their contributions to this effort and excited to see all of you at Forge Conference on September 26!

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