Aug. 10, 2015

O3 World Wins the CSS Design Awards' August 8 Website of the Day

O3 World wins at the CSS Design Awards was named Website of the Day on August 8, 2015 by the CSS Design Awards – an international web design and development platform that honors and showcases work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality, and usability. The site, designed by O3 World staff, is a true reflection of the agency, bringing people and culture, as well as products and services, to the forefront. Our nearly equal scores for creative design, code and function, and UX and content demonstrate the agency’s commitment to excellence across design, development, and user experience capabilities.

As an additional agency honor, was named one of three Award Nominees for the August 6, 2015 Website of the Day by the same committee. The site for the one-day event for digital innovators feels like the conference itself – a place for makers. The origami-like SVG shapes are pieced together to guide content through negative spaces in the responsive one-page site. To get a feel for the site and to learn more about Forge Conference, visit

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