Nov. 30, 2015

O3 World Developer Courtney Wilburn to Join the White House's Upcoming Twitter Chat

O3 World Developer Courtney Wilburn joins her fellow White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Fellows in the #whlgbtqtech Twitter chat on December 3.

This summer, O3 World Developer Courtney Wilburn was selected for the White House’s LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Fellowship. This prestigious group – made up of innovative, talented, and influential technologists, designers, product specialists, and community leaders – was assembled in Washington, DC in August and divided into groups to help solve some of America’s toughest challenges. Now, after months of hard work and collaboration, the Fellows will present their projects to the world during the White House’s upcoming #whlgbtqtech Twitter chat on December 3, beginning at 2 PM EST. This chat will be hosted by Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer in the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

As lead developer on a project focused on police and law enforcement data, Courtney will explain how their solutions can give communities the opportunity to visualize local law enforcement data and provide people with the opportunity to provide feedback about their interactions with law enforcement. Follow the larger conversation using the #whlgbtqtech hashtag on Twitter and keep an eye out for tweets from @greenbookapp, the Twitter handle for Courtney’s group’s project.

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