Apr. 03, 2017

O3 World Developer Courtney Wilburn at 2017 SourceRoad and WontFix_

On February 13th, Courtney Wilburn, one of our talented developers at O3 World was flown out to San Francisco by Github to participate in the following events: SourceRoad and WONTFIX_

On February 13th, Courtney Wilburn one of our talented developers, was flown out to San Francisco by Github to participate in SoureRoad and Wontfix, two national open source events.

SourceRoad is a one-day summit for black open source software project maintainers, contributors, and rising leaders. In addition to talks about legal issues related to open source software, and how to build a successful business based on open source software, participants had open discussions about the role that their ethnicities play in the work that they do.

WONTFIX_ is a one-day un-conference for open source software maintainers held at Github. The discussions were attendee guided, and ranged from ethics in open source software, to building community. At the end of each discussion session, representatives from each small breakout group recapped their discussions and shared notes.

As an open source maintainer, Courtney was able to hear from fellow maintainers about what they’ve learned, and some of the issues that they’ve come across. Her attendance at SourceRoad and WONTFIX_ coincided with the release of O3 Lab’s Barista and Moods as open source projects. In addition to gaining insight into best practices for Courtney’s personal work, we hope that O3 World will be well equipped to continue to succeed in the innovation space while becoming valuable members of the open source software community.

Check out our news article about our open source projects.

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