Nov. 05, 2015

O3 World CXO Mike Gadsby Talks Innovation at World Usability Day 2015

O3 World's Mike Gadsby presents at World Usability Day 2015

On November 12, O3 World Partner and CXO Mike Gadsby presents “Measuring Innovation: Setting Up Insight Systems for Labs Programs” at World Usability Day 2015. The event, hosted by Bresslergroup and PhillyCHI, will focus on the theme of innovation, which ties in perfectly with the focus of the O3 Labs initiative.

In 2014, Mike Gadsby green-lit the first Labs project at O3 World with the goal of creating a series of experiments that allow us to gain valuable experience with emerging technologies that we could then add to our arsenal of client services. By that criteria, our first few projects were highly successful. We learned new things, people thought it was cool, now we can bring that experience into the solutions we develop. And then it dawned on us: it’s cool to play with all this new tech, but that’s really only half the battle.

  • What did we really learn about the experiences we created?
  • Where are the friction points?
  • What are the real world applications of these experiments?

In recent weeks, we’ve created a feedback loop in all our experiments whereby we’ll be evaluating the experience through data and qualitative research. In this lightning talk for PhillyCHI, we’ll examine a series of studies we’ve begun through our O3 Theme Music project.

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