Apr. 01, 2016

O3 Labs Uses Connected Tech to Make Meetings More Efficient

Roombot helps keep meetings more productive, efficient, and on-time!

When employees started to notice that meetings were exceeding their allotted time slots and creating a log jam for subsequent meetings, we turned to O3 Labs to come up with a solution. There are, of course, a ton of creative ways to let someone know that it’s time to wrap up a meeting, but we decided to find a way to let the room do the work for us. We created Roombot – a connected native Mac OS X app that connects with the company’s Google Calendar API and Hue Bulb API, which controls the room’s lighting. Upon detecting back-to-back meetings, Roombot dims the room’s Hue light bulbs and announces that the next meeting should be starting in the next few minutes. Roombot makes meetings more productive, efficient and on-time by creating more urgency and more structure to the team’s calendars. And instead of having a line of people waiting outside a conference room, we’ve got a fun way to remind people to wrap up their meeting and get ready for the next group of people to occupy the space. Check out the video (or the articles on Philly and Geekadelphia) to see how it works!

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