Aug. 06, 2015

O3 World Partner & CXO Mike Gadsby speaks at Refresh Philly in September

Mike Gadsby

With the rise of business methodologies that mirror design and development practices, the role of the web professional has transitioned from the studio to the C-suite. As a business owner and CXO of O3 World, Mike Gadsby is in a unique position – overseeing the systems and solutions implemented to solve client problems, while maintaining a respect and understanding of the impact business decisions have on the bottom line. But whether you write code, wireframe or win accounts, you have the opportunity to make “business” decisions and do more than what your job title dictates.

Join Mike Gadsby and Refresh Philly for an exploration of the principles, processes and considerations that influence better business decisions on September 10 at Drexel University’s URBN Annex Screening Room. Register here today.

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