Mar. 04, 2016

e-Commerce Builds Business for Lug-All

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For the past seven years, O3 World has partnered with leading overhead crane manufacturer Spanco and its hoist manufacturing arm, Lug-All, to create high-performance websites that match their high-performance products. In 2016, Lug-All turned to O3 World to redesign its site and introduce a new e-commerce offering to sell hoists online at for the first time. This responsive, user-friendly site was built using the flexible, open source commerce platform Magento Community Edition.

At the crux of the decision to add an e-commerce component to the site was the need to help customers find the parts they need, so the team built in a custom search functionality to address that issue and provide a better user experience. Since the site launched in late January, the site has quickly become an important tool to connect more people with Lug-All. O3 World is proud to partner with Lug-All and help build its business.

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