Mar. 28, 2016

Check out O3 World and other Fishtown businesses in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Mike Gadsby speaks with the Philadelphia Inquirer about our success in Fishtown

Fishtown is booming. Whether it’s in the real estate market, the restaurants and bars, or the opportunities for small businesses, there’s been tremendous growth in our neighborhood and we’re thrilled to be part of it. That’s why, when the Philadelphia Inquirer reached out to hear about the impact our neighborhood’s had on businesses (and vice versa), we couldn’t wait to chat with them. Mike Gadsby, O3 World’s partner and CXO, points out that businesses and individuals have been investing heavily in Fishtown. The community is collaborative, supportive, and constantly expanding, so we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next. Check out the article, “Fishtown, where small businesses bloom,” on!

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